Some of your Questions:

Q.What are the products being served by the company?

-Cold Cuts

Q.What’s different about our company?

AB Meat Co. is on a mission to make it easy as possible, to provide your family with locally sourced and humanly raised meat. Our team ensures you are buying from ranchers who care about their animals are raised and who care about providing the community with the best meat, our area has to offer. We prioritize on, how we provide our services, ensuring the products are premium quality, hygienic and packaged under expert supervision. Also, it’s high on taste!

Q.What is the minimum quantity we can order?

Providing fresh meat at your door step, whenever you require is our priority and for smooth delivery we recommend you to order any meat with any quantity billed above RS 200/-.

Q.Are there any charges on delivery?

There is a delivery charge of RS 30 on orders below RS 200/-.

Q.Is it a halal cut?

100% Guaranteed Halal Cut.

Q.What is the minimum time of delivery?

- Our delivery team is at your service, we are flexible to process your order all day between 9 Am – 9 Pm.

Q. Do we take bulk orders?

Yes, be it any event, our company will be more than happy to provide any quantity of meat with hassle free service.

Q.Are we selling frozen food or is it fresh?

All our products are fresh and ready to consume.

Q. Is our meat organic?

Our sheep’s are farm raised and the feed provided is chemical & antibiotic free, which makes it even tastier.

Q.Do you provide “express delivery”?

Our delivery processes are engineered to provide services which are better than traditional meat buying process by a customer. However, if there is any urgent requirement we will provide it with a minimal charge of delivery to your bill.

Q.If we supply fresh, how long will it last?

Our meat is fresh and ready to cook. To restore and ensure longer aging, freeze it between 0-5C.

Q.Why is buying our meat better than buying from the local meat store?

Procuring meat from a local store is a time consuming task with service issues, you don’t always get the meat how you want it. At AB Meat Co., every small step taken to process your order is very important to us. You get premium quality of product, with intense cleanliness, suitable packaging for storing it in your refrigerator with fast and free delivery, which saves so much time! Isn’t it?

Q.What are the places you deliver?

Our team & our company is expanding rapidly. Kindly contact us, to know if we deliver it in your area, if it isn’t we will notify you as soon as we start rendering service at your location.

Q.Where are we located?

We are located at Tolichowki, Hyderabad, and Telangana.

Q.Can people order from our website?

Currently we are taking orders on phone and are in a process to add payment gateways to our website. We shall inform you once the service is launched. Kindly subscribe to our newsletter at, to get updates on new products and service areas.

Q.The products which I ordered are damaged or in bad condition, what should I do?

Meat Products can only be returned in the following cases:
o If the package is altered while delivering.
o If the products you received are not the same you ordered for.

Q.How should I pay?

It is cash on delivery, soon we will be launching our app which will have a payment gateway & also you will be able to pay and order from website then.

Q.What is the meaning of Gross Weight and Net Weight?

Gross weight is the amount of product used to get the final output which is the Net Weight.

Q.I want to do business with Sketch Retail Co.

We would love to hear what you got, please send an email to

Q.I want to work with Sketch Retail?

We are always in search of finding friends who can be a part of Sketch Retail. Please send in your details and resume to

Q.I placed an order, but didn’t receive it?

Kindly make a call to our Customer Service Number at +91 770 290 4321/+91 770 280 4321

Q.Do you provide pork?

No! Al Meat Co. has no pork products

Q.What do you mean by whole fish?

Rest assured, it is not going to land alive at your doorstep. The whole fish is cleaned and washed but no pieces are made, its ready to cook.

Q.Will someone inform me, if my delivery gets late?

Our customer support team shall keep you updated about your delivery.

Q.Can I pick it from your outlet?

We don’t need one! As we have a robust delivering system in place, you will always be content with the logistics.

Q.I would like to suggest some new products?

We are keen on new ideas and appreciate people suggesting new products and feedback.

Q.How and where I can give my feedback?

Kindly write an email to Be ensured, your email will be directed to the highest concerned authority for prompt action.